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From now on we will not publish anymore all our films on this STDreamFilmStudio-sub-page, because the links to our films very often disappear at once...!
Funny platforms like our most-loved "YouTube"- site decides for some reasons, which only THEY might know, to erase films, block films, switch ad's into our films, etc... SO - stuff what we do not like!
For those reasons we will show you in the future some links to our films, placed on some (other) platforms, where you can directly & easily find all of our productions...!

MUCH more EASY 4 all, we think....!


Studio -4- the latest BROADCASTS

(on 14-04-2022)

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Studio -3- 

Studio -2- 


Dies sind 2 Filme die ein Beispiel sein sollen, wie so ein Film ungefähr aussehen wird.
Beide Filme sind GESCHNITTEN, also nicht in Originallänge.

Film -1- zeigt die ganz harmlosesten Varianten -


Film -2- ist schon etwas aufregender...


wie gesagt, WAS Du zu tun bereit bist, sprechen wir vorher ab.


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Studio -1- 

(Webcam pictures LIVE from Amsterdam/Nederland)

Studio -11-