Even een korte introductie & overzicht - wie & wat is  n.a.m.e.s., wat doen wij en vooral: WIE doet WAT ?

A short introduction & overview - who & what is  n.a.m.e.s., what do we do and most of all: - WHO does WHAT?



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  Enkele losse steekwoorden aan het begin...

Film-/ Video-Edit
Beeldbewerking / FilmGrafiek
Audiobewerking – VoiceOvers – Subtiteling (Dutch/English/German)
rechtevrije muziek
GreenRooms / GreenScreen-Techniek / Virtuele Studios & -Omgevingen
3D –Creations / -Karakters / -Animaties/ -FilmEffecten


  Ein paar lose Stichworte zu Anfang...

Film-/ Video-Edit (Schnitt)
Bildbearbeitung / FilmGrafik
Audiobearbeitung – VoiceOvers – Subtiteling (Dutch/English/German)
Gema-freie Musik
GreenRooms / GreenScreen-Technik / Virtuelle Studios & -Umgebungen
3D –Creations / -Charactere / -Animationen/ -TrickEffekte

Who is/wie is eigenlijk/wer ist eigentlich...

n.a.m.e.s.-Holding Amsterdam & n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV

The construction's name “n.a.m.e.s.” has nothing to do with all of the artistic names of Tulpe, as some maybe will think. It stands for “not-allowed-media-entertainment-services”, in memorandum of the former “good old days”, where some things were handled as “gewoon even doen.../let's do & see...”
n.a.m.e.s.-Holding Amsterdam is the covering organisation of a lot of “daughters” which we call “Grown-up daughters”. Among those are “de Storytellers”, “Ephigenia-Vlidd-Film”, “n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV”, “DOKGVD/Voyeurodam” and others. The others will be introduced at different places on this website – n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV in special was founded as a non-profit community (niet-commerciële vereniging) confirming to the Dutch financial laws.
It is a community of free working artists, mostly based on film-works of all kind of arts.

So it is not a registerd company like a Ltd./BV/GmbH.
Because of the existing circumstances in the time when it was founded we decided this solution, saving a lot of costs and taxes.

Ofcourse we can make bill's for our works which are accepted in all countries to minimate the financial revenue. Those bill's are free of V.A.T. in most of the countries like f.e. in Holland and Germany which means a lower bill-amount, especially for small companies.

(more informations about the company-constellation will follow...)

Who is/wie is eigenlijk/wer ist eigentlich...

Who is/wie is eigenlijk/wer ist eigentlich...
Alphonsus Tulpe van Oranje
aka “de Fons”
aka “de OuweKaleGrijze/DOKGVD”
(all of that are artistic names)



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