Onmisbaar voor het bedrijf, diens toekomst en voor U, de klant: Ephigenia Vlidd, eigenaar en zaakvoerder van n.a.m.e.s.-media NCV en ArtDirectrice bij n.a.m.e.s. - Holding.

Ohne sie geht gar nichts bei n.a.m.e.s.-Media - heute nicht und morgen schon gar nicht mehr: Ephigenia Vlidd ist Eigentümerin und Geschäftsführerin bei n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV und ArtDirectrice bei n.a.m.e.s.-Holding.

Who is/wie is eigenlijk/wer ist eigentlich...
Hi, I'm Ephigenia Vlidd, I am born in january, 3rd 2000 in Krasnoyarsk/RUS and I grew up in Finland. In the age of 15 I went away from home after finishing basic-school because I couldn't afford a highschool to come closer to my imaginations of “a better life”. I went to The Netherlands, hoping to find some relations of my family there. I didn't find anyone but meat interesting people which influenced my further life. So in 2016 I began studying at Amsterdam AHK, the “Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” where I studied “Film- and Television Directorials”. I finished my studies in summer 2020 with the graduation of a Bachelor in Film. Now I'm continuing study for the master-graduation (so 1 more year to go).

Parallel I started volunteering at n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV at the places Amsterdam/Netherlands and Buchholz/Germany. Due to my study I wantwed to learn the practical way of making pictures move, as films or 3D animations.

In january 2020 I got a very special birthday-present from my former boss, Fons Tulpe van Oranje, aka “de OuweKaleGrijze” – I got 51% of the company, so I am CEO of n.a.m.e.s.-Media NCV (1e voorzitter) which is transformed into a “Stichting” (Foundation) now. My work-function is “art-directrice” and I (try to) fill in all parts of making artistic movies in very special styles.

For my further future I want to study for my doctoral title after finishing the master. With having my master-graduation absolved, I am asked from DOKGVD (Tulpe) to take over the rest of the company also in summer/autumn of 2021.