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On this site you will find the actual informations about our latest project:       


 Available HandOuts up to now (06-2022),
will be updated as soon as new documentaries are ready to be published
Downloads are allowed to all "helpful hands", they are not interesting for private use.
All rights are reserved by the production-crew & Jan U. Maerschel (Author)

The film is planned as a short series (3 parts) from 90 minutes each. The main shooting will begin around spring 2023, experimental shootings & test-recordings already take place at the moment.
Because of the circumstances, all HandOuts are standard in German language.
If you prefer another language, we shortly can deliver the paperworks also in het NEDERLANDS, in ENGLISH и по русски. Translations to other languages are not planned.
(Please click on the PDF-logo to download)

 000 Group Zero HandOut Versie03 DUITS               001 Group Zero U-Bahn 02
(ersetzt durch AKTUELLERE Version!)                                                           (ersetzt durch AKTUELLERE Version!)
 008 GROUP-CastingAgenturen                                  009 Handout geplante Drehs Büsenbachtal
                                                                                                                                (siehe BREAKING NEWS!  unten!)

   010 beson. filmische UMSETZUNG                         011 wer hat sich DAS denn ausgedacht?