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Dear FilmPeople/BusOwners/Acteurs and all others who are interested in this FilmProject!

Down here you see the first information about the planned project "GROUP ZERO" in German language, because this film will be produced in Germany for the German cinema's and TV.
More information is available in English and in Dutch language, please send us and Email and ask for it:

Under this info you'll also find a Film-Teaser of GROUP ZERO on this page. The teaser has about 1 hour playtime and is mostly intended for crew-/staff-members as a basic-information, instead of a written storyline in the size of the Holy Bible... So feel free to comfyly lean back in your private TV-chair and acompany us to a bus-travel to some places which we will use for the film-production, combined with so much background-knowledge as possible at this moment.
The original movie will be produced as a REAL film and not as 3D, ofcourse.

More informations, news, scene-shots of the beginning productions and a lot more about  GROUP ZERO you'll find here on this under-site or at another place on the n.a.m.e.s.-Media site, very soon!

So... stay tuned!